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Web-based Software

Accessible from any mobile device

Download real-time sales reports from the golf course. Check productivity figures at the café. With CARMA you can work from anywhere you have a mobile device.

Intuitive user interface

You don’t have to be an IT expert to use CARMA. It’s simple and easy to understand and there’s no special training required. On average, staff can be up-and-running and proficient in less than a day.

Reduces IT costs

Multiple proprietary software is expensive and constantly needs to be updated. With CARMA you pay one low monthly fee and you never have to worry about upgrading your software.

Advanced Reporting

Real-time reports

To make informed business decisions you need up-to-the-minute information. CARMA gives you real-time reports on sales team performance and customised reports for all departments. Plus, you can access this information from any mobile device at any time.

Full communication history

With CARMA, all communication – whether it be faxes, emails or VOIP calls – is automatically recorded and tracked, with no logging required. The full communication history is available to review anytime.

Zoom in/out reporting

CARMA gives you the flexibility to zoom in or out of your sales reports, so you can assess performance at an individual or group level. With CARMA you have the vision to make tomorrow’s decisions.

Multiple-channel Platform

Single booking order for multiple media channels

CARMA lets you collate your campaign activity into a single booking order, providing you with more insight and the ability to recognise opportunities or potential problems up ahead.

One click emailing

With CARMA, emailing a booking order to a client can be done with just one click. Their reply is automatically attached to the order for future reference, making it easy to keep track of the booking’s history and required actions.

Reduces administration time

Duplication of booking orders is now a thing of the past. Only one booking order is created covering multiple channels, saving administration time with every order.

Modular System

Easy to add modules

CARMA’s cloud-based modular platform means you can add modules as and when you need them. So when your business requirements change, CARMA can change with you.

Click on/off business rules

Every business has different needs and priorities. That’s why with CARMA you can set your own business rules. For example, you can change debt thresholds, limit the number of outstanding orders and adjust sales commission terms as often as you like, to see what works best for your business.

Scalable from 5 to 500 users

It’s important to have a software solution that can change as your business changes. CARMA is flexible. It can easily be adjusted to accommodate more users, and your team can stay connected and on the same platform wherever they are in the world.

Integrated Communications

Built-in email, fax and VOIP

Running multiple pieces of software is expensive and complicated. With CARMA, email, fax and VOIP are all built-in and integrated; saving time, reducing costs and improving transparency and reporting.

One-click communications

When it comes to high-volume sales, a small change can make a big difference to productivity. CARMA includes features such as Click to Dial, On-Screen Typesetting, Click to Fax and Click to Email. And booking information is automatically attached to client approval emails.

Reduces call costs

Built-in VOIP not only dramatically cuts the cost of calls, it also means staff can work from anywhere, so you have a more flexible workforce. In addition built-in VOIP increases productivity with On-Screen Click to Dial.

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